Nowadays, Marji successfully cooperates with regional and local distributors. It has its own pharmacies and market net. Our goal is to increase commodity circulation in the following 2-3 years.


  • To attract other medical companies on our market.
  • To establish new pharmecies in the different regions of Georgia.
  • To establish custom stock for the Caucasus region.


Our staff consists of 12 members.


Drug Store net:

Drug store «Marji» -- 5 Lagidze str. (behind Opera house)

tel.: 995-32-923911


Drug store «N1»-- N1 City Hospital

tel.: 995-32-771027


Drug store «Tamari» -- 23 Quin Tamri avenue

tel.: 995-32-910479


Drug store «Babuca» -- 13 Gamsakhurdia avenue

tel.: 995-32-379873


Drug store «Universal Ltd» -- Gori district, Tamarasheni

tel.: 995-93-308942,

tel.: 995-77-432202